Active Directory Domain Migration to Azure

Customer: Private Security Firm

A Private Security Firm based in Dubai operated 4 different sub companies in a single AD Domain. To allow them to acquire and sell of companies, they wanted to split these entities into their own AD. To ease the burden of hardware and to make the company more accessible to their security contractors, Azure was chosen as the platform to host the new domains.

I was responsible for creating the AD trusts between the old and new domains, migrating GPOs, creating Organisation Unit structures, configuring cross AD forest authentication and providing access to legacy files and services including SQL post migration. I was also responsible for migrating users, groups, email and desktops from legacy domain to the new domains using AD ADMT and Exchange Cross forest migrations methodologies.

  • Active Directory
  • Group Policy
  • Security Permissions
  • Cross Forest Migrations
  • AD ADMT tool
  • Cross Forest authentication
  • Desktop Domain Migrations
  • User Profile Migration
  • SID History
  • Exchange Migration